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Performance Cast


Mistress of Ceremonies

DeeDee Cupcake

A Midwestern girl living in sunny California. Formerly known as the Sausage Queen of Chicago, she got her start as an emcee after moving to the West coast and losing a beauty pageant. She was offered her first emcee gig six years and in 2021 DeeDee played her dream gig: Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender.


She is known for her terrible dad jokes, vintage vibes and Midwestern charm. She’s thrilled to be part of this cast although she isn’t quite sure what “the blues” are, she does like teal. 

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Miss May

Since hitting the burlesque scene in 2012 Miss May prides herself on creating a unique take on the classic art form. She has appeared at some of the best-known burlesque venues & events in LA including Seduction Burlesque, Tease if you Please and Muse Burlesque in the OC. As well as produces her own events, working with a handful of passionate and talented collaborators to bring the amazing world of striptease to the masses!


Award Winning Titles include: 

2017 "Most Erotic" Hollywood Burlesque Festival

2016 "Most Classic" Arizona Burlesque Festival

2016 "Best Performance" ABurlyQ Festival

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Ruby Champagne

The Mexican Spitfire of Burlesque! Ruby Champagne has performed and headlined various festivals and competitions worldwide, including Burlesque Hall of Fame - Best Debut. For the past several years, she’s been nominated in 21st Century Burlesque’s Most Influential Performers in the world.


Award Winning Titles include:

2018 "Miss Tiki Oasis" Tiki Oasis San Diego, CA

2014 "Queen of Burlesque" SABF

2012 "Best Soloist" ABurlyQ Festival

2010 "Miss Viva Las Vegas" Viva Las Vegas 

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Nadia Lotte

Nadia Lotte has been gracing burlesque stages since 2012 after training with two top performers in Los Angeles, Lili VonSchtupp and Madeline Sinclaire. She is now the Original Diamond in the House of Knyle, a regular performer at Harvelle's Long Beach, as well as a published pinup model.


Don't be fooled by this California Cutie's sweet cheeks.  She isn't always bad, but she is Naughty a LOT!

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Veronica Yune

Veronica Yune is a Los Angeles based artist honing her skills in Burlesque, Cirque and Dance, teasing her way across the stages and in the air since 2008. 

In 2012, Veronica made her Lucha VaVOOM debut, with a breakthrough performance as an aerial- burlesque artist. Later, earning a spot at the final Vans Warped Tour in 2019. Veronica’s passion for her art continues to thrive and evolve, taking her art to new heights.

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Heidi Ho

Heidi Ho, the Honeypot of Hollywood, has been performing burlesque and cabaret across Los Angeles since 2016 when she joined Cherry Poppins.


Since then she has performed with Babylon Cabaret, Toil & Trouble Shakespearean Burlesque, Shakes N' Quakes, virtually with Burlesque & Chill, and anywhere there is a microphone and a glass of whiskey.


She'll sing you a song, and steal your heart.... and maybe your girlfriend.

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Soheira is an award-winning performer and instructor, gracing the stage since 2011. Known as the "belly dancer with a black belt" She has taught pole dance, belly dance, and martial arts on four continents. Be wowed by the height of her heels and hypnotized by her siren ways—Soheira will always leave you craving more!

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Miss Spent Youth

Miss Spent Youth is a classic burlesque performer and producer in Los Angeles California. She's passionate about preserving the classic form of burlesque and creating vintage entertainment experiences.

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Bobbie Burlesque

An artist and creative director, Bobbie Burlesque has been producing burlesque shows and events since 2002. His most noted productions include: Seduction, Broadway Follies, Fantasy: Masquerade, and his 2 tribute shows to Tim Burton and American Horror Story. Currently he is working on bringing Exquisite Burlesque Festival to Long Beach in the Fall of 2023. 

Bobbie is also an award winning international boylesque and circus performer known as "The Boy Who Glitters" and "LA's Original Boylesque Performer"

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